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CYFOX.Cloud is dedicated to forming an elite ecosystem of partners who can deliver our solution as well as the security expertise needed to combat today’s sophisticated cyber adversaries. We offer our partners a unique opportunity to provide their end customers with an innovative cybersecurity solution that will simplify and revolutionize their quality of service and support.

created for MSPs

CYFOX.Cloud is a cloud-based management application tailored to expertly manage several CYFOX tenants via one dashboard.
CYFOX.Cloud has been created to allow MSP/MSSP organizations that are servicing end customers the ability to manage and monitor several CYFOX.Cloud entities with one management application.

How CYFOX.Cloud empowers MSPs

CYFOX.Cloud was designed to offer better and more efficient cybersecurity services to multiple end customers. With our AI-powered platform, you can provide your SMB clients with the most advanced cyber protection.


One app to manage multi-tenant end-users

CYFOX.Cloud allows MSPs/MSSPs to manage and monitor multiple CYFOX entities with one management console.


Monitor all customers on a single screen

Perform analysis of ongoing alerts and events of every monitored CYFOX.Cloud end-user, including visibility on cyber-attacks over these entities.


Add, bill & invoice clients at a click

CYFOX.Cloud makes life easier for managed service providers by letting them quickly assign new tenants, bill, and invoice their end customers from one dashboard.

Why partner with us

Having one multi-tenant solution to manage will save you time, cost, and manpower while enhancing your operational efficiency.


Reduce your TCO

Implement and operate a single product without the need to manage and integrate multiple cyber products into a SIEM.


Remove operational ROI

CYFOX's AI Attack Hunter operates as a 24/7/365 digital cyber analyst that allows quicker detection and response.


Simplify SecOps

Installation is quick and painless with your choice of agent, agentless or hybrid deployment options.

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